GeoDataTek's Read-Write Functionality Bundle on Pimcore Product Experience Portal (PXP)

18 July 2023
Vikash Perumal
4 mins

          GeoDataTek has revolutionized the Pimcore Product Experience Portal (PXP) by developing a read-write functionality for data objects. In this blog, we will delve into our custom bundle that empowers you to add a write function for data objects in Pimcore. With this groundbreaking feature, you can elevate your workflow, streamline content management, and unlock the true potential of your Pimcore-powered portal.


The Limitations of a Read-Only Portal

One of the major challenges faced by organizations implementing Pimcore as their Product Information Management (PIM) solution is the limited functionality of a read-only portal. With the default setup, users are unable to make real-time updates to data objects, leading to inefficiencies and delays in managing and updating critical product information. Additionally, the dependency on backend systems and the complexity of content updates further hinder productivity and flexibility.

To overcome these limitations, we developed a read-write functionality for data objects on the PXP. Our custom bundle seamlessly integrates with the Pimcore interface, enabling users to make real-time updates directly within the portal.


Benefits of the Read-Write Functionality

By incorporating GeoDataTek’s read-write functionality into your PXP portal, you can unlock a host of benefits that revolutionize your content management process:


  1. Efficiency and Time Savings:

    Say goodbye to the need for multiple interfaces or systems. With the read-write functionality, you can modify data objects directly within the PXP portal, saving valuable time and eliminating unnecessary steps.

  1. Real-time Updates:

    Make instant updates to product details, pricing information, and any other critical changes. The read-write functionality ensures that your data objects are always up-to-date, allowing for seamless collaboration and accurate content.

  1. Improved Collaboration:

    Collaborate effortlessly with team members on data object modifications. Multiple users can simultaneously work on the same data objects, facilitating efficient content creation and eliminating the need for manual coordination.

  1. Enhanced User Experience:

    The read-write functionality offers a user-friendly and intuitive experience. Content creators can easily navigate and modify data objects within the PXP portal, without requiring extensive training or technical expertise.


Dynamic Editing of Multiple Data Types

Our read-write functionality empowers you to edit all fields within Pimcore, including:


  • Image Advanced: Update and replace advanced images effortlessly.
  • Image Gallery: Manage and modify image galleries seamlessly.
  • WYSIWYG: Edit rich-text content conveniently with the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Quantity Value: Make real-time adjustments to quantity values for precise product management.
  • Select Drop-Down: Select and modify options from drop-down menus efficiently.
  • Text Area: Update and revise text areas with ease.
  • Date: Modify dates dynamically for accurate scheduling and time-sensitive information.
  • Number (Numerical): Enter numerical values, while any non-numeric inputs are automatically ignored, ensuring data integrity.
  • Object Bricks: For data objects with multiple object bricks, our functionality presents them as a list, allowing you to choose the desired one. Once selected, the fields of that particular object brick dynamically appear on the edit page.


Tailored User Access for Seamless Collaboration

Our read-write functionality on PXP also provides the flexibility to control user access based on different roles and requirements. With separate portal data object pool pages and user groups, you can create distinct access levels for internal users and vendors:

  • Vendor Access: Create a dedicated vendor portal page and assign vendor users to a specific user group. This group will have access only to the vendor portal page, where you can configure custom layouts to display fields relevant to vendors’ requirements.
  • Internal User Access: Similarly, set up a separate portal data object pool page for internal users. Assign them to an internal user group that does not have access to the vendor portal page. For internal users, you can provide access to all product fields, making them available for their specific needs.


This segregation of access ensures smooth collaboration and provides an efficient workflow for different user groups within your organization. Our read-write bundle can be configured to be available only to certain user groups, ensuring that the edit functionality appears on the portal page for authorized users while remaining hidden for other user groups without edit permissions. This level of control allows you to tailor the access and editing capabilities precisely to your organization’s needs.


Technical Details

At GeoDataTek, we take pride in delivering secure and efficient solutions. Our read-write functionality on the Pimcore Product Experience Portal (PXP) is no exception. Here are some technical details about how we achieved this innovative feature:


  1. Utilization of PHP Controllers: We leveraged Pimcore’s powerful PHP controllers to develop the read-write functionality seamlessly. By utilizing PHP controllers, we ensured compatibility and a secure implementation within the Pimcore framework.
  2. Customized CSS: To provide a seamless user experience, we tailored the CSS styling to match the PXP portal’s existing design. This customization ensures that the read-write functionality seamlessly integrates into your portal without compromising the overall user interface.
  3. Independent Development: Our team developed the read-write functionality without relying on third-party coding languages or APIs. This independence allows us to maintain full control over the security and performance of the bundle, ensuring a high level of reliability for our users.


By utilizing Pimcore’s robust PHP controllers and customizing the CSS, we have achieved a highly secure and efficient read-write functionality for your PXP portal.


Please note that these technical details provide an overview of our approach while maintaining the security measures implemented. For a more comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects, please reach out to our support team.


Implementing the Read-Write Functionality

Visit our website geodatatek.com where we offer a user-friendly installation process and clear documentation to assist you in integrating the read-write function into your Pimcore portal. Once installed, you can immediately benefit from the streamlined content management process.


Contact GeoDataTek Team


Workflow Integration

Coming Soon

We are continuously innovating to enhance your experience further. Our team is actively working on bringing workflow capabilities to the read-write functionality in PXP. Soon, you’ll have seamless workflow integration that ensures smooth collaboration and efficient content management.


If you have any questions or need assistance with GeoDataTek’s read-write functionality for data objects in PXP, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to ensure a smooth and productive experience as you optimize your content management process. Email us at contact@geodatatek.com


Unlock the Full Potential of Your Pimcore-Powered Portal

GeoDataTek’s read-write functionality for data objects on the Pimcore Product Experience Portal (PXP) breaks the barriers of a read-only portal. By incorporating our custom bundle, you can elevate your workflow, save time, improve collaboration, and efficiently manage content within your PXP-powered portal.


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